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Health insurance, also called medical insurance or simply mediclaim, covers the cost of a person’s treatment and surgery expenses. The individual pays a fixed amount (premium) every year for health cover. It is not easy for most of the people to get health insurance, as they find it very expensive according to their income and hence they opt to live without health insurance. When you compare this monthly cost with the out-of-pocket cost at the time of illness, you must be wondering whether you really need health insurance or not.
In case of sudden illness, getting expensive treatment becomes very difficult especially for the middle class people. In such a situation, it is felt that I wish there was such a way, with the help of which one could get complete treatment without feeling the financial crunch.
Many people in their 21th century of life feel that they do not need health insurance as we are completely healthy. When you are healthy and rarely go to the doctor, it may seem like a good idea to ignore health insurance altogether and justify living without it. Instead of worrying about the insurance premium and co-payment, you pay directly for the service. However, this is a flawed argument. Everyone should always have some form of health insurance with them. The reason is that medical services are very expensive. If you face an emergency without insurance, you are left with no option but to put yourself under debt.
In This article explains detail what is health insurance, types of health insurance, benefits of health insurance and why health insurance is necessary for you. Along with this it has also been told that how to get a better health policy, what to keep in mind while taking health insurance for first time and if you do not want to take private health insurance then which government health insurance can be benefited.

What Is The Health Insurance
A health insurance or health insurance policy is a contract or contract between an insurance company and the policy holder with the intention of protecting against costly and unforeseen health costs. Though policy holders pay monthly premiums, co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles, it is expected that this total. The total out-of-pocket payment is much higher than the cost. Health insurance can be availed by a government agency or private business. To determine the total cost of insurance, an insurance provider estimates the population’s collective medical expenses, then divides that risk among a group of policyholder customers. As per the type of health insurance coverage, either the insured pays out-of-pocket expenses at the time of treatment and is then reimbursed by the insurance provider or the insurance provider pays the treatment expenses of the insured directly to the service provider.

Type Of Health Insurance
There are many types of Health Insurance plans. The health insurance sector is witnessing a revolutionary change in the range of insurance plans offered to the customers by private insurance providers. These plans are being designed keeping in mind the genuine and diverse requirement of the customers. So don’t be surprised if you see a care plan for diabetes or a plan specially designed for heart disease patients in the market.
1. Private Health Insurance
There are two types of health insurance policies offered by private companies, first, hospital policies that cover your hospitalization expenses. Whereas on the other hand, general treatment policies cover some of your ancillary treatments, for example dental health, physiotherapy, etc. Most Health Insurance providers offer a combination of both policies that provide a cover for both hospital and general treatment services, or you can buy separate policies.

2. Government Health Insurance
In this type of Health Insurance, the central government or the state government pays a part of your insurance premium on its own or subsidizes the insurance provider in return so that you get insurance cover at a much cheaper rate. This Health Insurance For Middle Class Family. You can do easily online registration for this health insurance.

Benefits Of Health Insurance
No one wants to get sick or get hurt, but no one knows who may need medical care at what time. Health insurance covers these costs and offers many other significant benefits. Following benifits of health insurance.
1. Even if you do not have a family or personal history of a serious illness, you cannot be sure that you will not need medical services or a specialist in the future.
2. Private health insurance is an important and cost-effective way of providing protection against unforeseen health issues and providing the health care service of your choice, the doctor of choice. Private health insurance gives you more importance.
3. People who have private health insurance have peace of mind, as they know they have covers available to get the best available medical treatments if the need arises.
4. Along with the above mentioned many benefits of private health insurance, it saves us from the long waiting list for treatment in a government hospital, private hospitals cover everything from your treatment room to your doctor or surgeon’s fees.
5. All type of Insurance policies also have the option of health checkup. Many insurance companies also provide the facility of health checkup on the basis of your previous NCB. You should take advantage of health checkups, so that you can also stay safe from any serious disease. This is always free of cost.

👉 NOTE – We have not told the benefits of government health insurance here because its benefits are not much. Under this type of health insurance, you have to get treatment under the government rules.

Health insurance should be for all the family because it protects the family and with this you can live life without any worry in your life and it makes your life healthy and safe.

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