Top 10 electric bikes and scooters in India

Top 10 electric bikes and scooters in India

Here is a list of the most basic electric motorcycles and scooters available in the Republic of India. Examine the top-rated electric motorcycles, as well as their prices, specifications, and features.

1 . REVOLT self-propelled vehicle four hundred

The Revolt RV400 is the first AI-enabled electric motorcycle available in India. The Revolt self-propelled vehicle four hundred electric motorbikes come in two models: standard and premium, with a range of up to 150 kilometers on a single charge. Each motorcycle comes with a variety of features, AI-enabled technologies, and unique payment and maintenance plans.

2. Ultraviolette F77

The Ultraviolette F77 electric motorcycle takes its design cues from the aviation world. The motorcycle has a modern appearance and might be a show-stopper on the streets. A number of the modern choices on offer include web property, smartphone application, fully-digital instrument cluster, ABS, regenerative braking, and so on. The motorcycle has three four.2kWh batteries and a three-thousand-watt motor. A chain-drive system transports the facility to the rear wheels. The F77, according to the company, can accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in two.9 seconds and maintain a top speed of 147 kilometers per hour.

The Ultraviolette F77 offers a 150-klick range on a single charge from its three batteries. It also has quick charging capabilities, which can charge the batteries from zero to eighty percent in fifty minutes. It is the Republic of India’s fastest electric motorcycle.

3. REVOLT self-propelled vehicle three hundred

The Revolt self-propelled vehicle three hundred electric motorcycles are the brand’s entry-level model. It has the same options and instrumentation as its bigger brother, the RV400. It has features such as an aspect stand device, combi brakes, and motorcycle sounds, among others. It will, however, be accompanied by a smaller motor and is primarily geared at the commuting market. It has a range of 180 kilometers on a single charge and three riding modes.


The Joy e-Bike e-Monster is one of the most popular items on the market today. It has a look and feels that is eerily similar to the Ducati Monster. This one, on the other hand, maybe a mini-bike with smaller wheels. It has a computerized instrument cluster as an option. The 72V/39Ah lithium-ion battery that powers the fun e-Bike e-Monster takes between five and five.5 hours to charge. A single, 500 Watt BLDC motor receives power. It’s reported to have a range of roughly 100 kilometers on a single charge.


The Odyssey electrical Evoqis is one of the country’s few electrical sports bikes. It comes in a fully-faired design with junction rectifier lighting as an option. The motorcycle is finished off with a flamboyant riding posture. It comes with features such as an anti-theft lock, keyless entry, and a music system, among others. The Odyssey Evoqis accelerates from 0 to 50 km/h in just four seconds and then accelerates to a top speed of 80 km/h. It takes about two hours to charge the motorcycle. This was our selection of the most basic electric motorcycles available in the Republic of India. This was our selection of the most basic electric motorcycles available in the Republic of India. Take a look at our selection of the most basic electric scooters in the Republic of India.

6. Ampere Zeal

The Ampere Zeal is a high-performance electric scooter built around one. The 8-pound transportable lithium-ion battery takes around five hours to fully charge. Once fully charged at a high speed of 55 kilometers per hour, a 1200 watt motor provides coverage of around 80 kilometers.

This scooter’s very lightweight structure makes it a great ride for seniors as well as riders with physical limitations who can’t ride bigger vehicles. A three-year warranty on the scooter is also a money-making feature included with the vehicle that could entice several first-time buyers.

7. Okinawa Ridge+

The Okinawa Ridge+ is powered by an 800w BLDC motor that can attain a top speed of 55kmph. A prominent digital speed indication offers the rider a clear reading of all required information, making it a particularly appealing option for older riders.

The 1.74 li-iON battery can be fully charged in three hours and has a range of 90 kilometers per charge. The ABS function of this scooter is also the most appealing option for this price range.

8. Okinawa praise

Another great option from Okinawa, this scooter claims to put the “I” in intelligence. The previous Praise model had an acid lead battery, which has been replaced with a lithium-ion battery in this one.

A 1000 watt BLDC motor will revolt to 2500 watts of power, which is enough to go at 58 mph. For the tech-savvy, this Okinawa model comes with a smartphone application that allows you to read all of your scooter’s key metrics from anywhere.

However, a sticker on the scooter has made it a difficult choice for numerous lower-middle-class families.

9. Hero electrical Optima E2

The Hero brand alone is enough to ensure that this scooter will be dependable and acceptable for the average Indian rider on country roads. A 250w battery allows for a top speed of the only 25kmph, but a 5-year battery guarantee allows customers to feel more confident about the scooter’s longevity and upkeep at a low cost.

The vehicle’s inexpensive price and lightweight structure make it an ideal ride for a variety of clients.

10. Ather 450X

An electric scooter designed and manufactured solely in the Republic of India should make the list, and this scooter also manages to compete with some of the list’s most basic candidates.

This scooter is a good choice for Indian roads because it has three different riding modes with adjustable features. A fantastic 3300w battery helps to offer a massive amount of power, allowing the ordinance to reach speeds of 80kmph with a median range of 65km per full charge. It’s a stylish scooter that will draw the attention of everybody who passes by.

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